2014 Wrap Up

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I’ve been on semi holiday for the past week. Semi in that I haven’t dyed anything, for work, but I’ve still been around, posting orders, sharing things on instagram and cleaning out my studio. When I am working I often forget how important it is to stop and take a break. Now that I am […]


Mad About Madder

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I have always found the colour red to be immensely appealing.  It’s bright, yet dark, it glows, but can be sombre. It’s the colour of love, blood, danger, the desert and fire engines. It means different things and triggers different emotional responses depending on the context in which it is used.

Dye Garden

Sustainability & Consumerism

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I’ve never talked about my views on sustainability and consumption on my blog, which are both very close to my heart in different ways, and also inform my decisions in my business and in my personal life. So I’m going to talk about them a little bit now. These days the impact that I have […]