When will you be holding another Indigo Shibori Workshop?

At present, I have no more classes planned for summer 15/16. Workshops are usually held in the Australian Spring / Summer in Melbourne. I am looking for a suitable indoor space to run winter classes, so if you know of one, please contact me!

Who makes your products?

All of the items I sell are hand dyed by me. The majority of the sewing is also done by me, with a few exceptions. Those are:

  • Tea towels
  • Silk Scarves
  • Handwoven Scarves

I have done my best to source these 3 items from ethical sources that respect both animal and workers rights, and have been assured that they are made by people who receive a living wage.

Where do you source your materials?

My dyes are imported by an Australian company, and come from all over the world. The indigo I use is certified organic. I use only safe mordants for dyeing, like alum, soy and tannic acid. I do not use chrome, or tin.

I source my raw fabrics in Australia, and currently do not order any stock directly from overseas.

How long will it take you to make my order?

Order wait times depend on a few different factors – the work I already have booked, what you have ordered, and if you’ve asked for it to be customised. In most cases I always try to complete orders within 2 – 4 weeks, but at times it may take longer. It’s best to allow up to 8 weeks for your order to be dyed and made. If you can’t wait that long, get in touch with one of my stockists, they might just have what you’re after in stock already!

Where are you located?

I work from my home studio in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m sold. What forms of payment do you accept in your store?

Our online store accepts payments via paypal (which accepts credit cards or bank transfer) or a direct bank transfer to our account (inside Australia).

I’m a stylist / magazine / blogger / instagrammer. Can you send me products to use in my next photoshoot?

I do keep a small selection of items on hand for “props”, like the furoshiki, and tea towels. Other items are made to order so need to be requested well in advance of a photo shoot if you’d like to borrow them. Items must be returned in salable condition. Please get in touch via my contact page to find out more.

I’m a retailer, am I able to stock your work in my shop?

If you’d like to stock my work, I would love that! Drop me an email via the contact page for further information.

Please note I do not stock work on a commission basis, and I’m currently only open to bricks and mortar stores.


Who takes the photos on your website?

All photos found on bindandfold.com, the bindandfold etsy store, pinterest, instagram and any other social media channels are taken either by Victoria Pemberton, or are used with permission by their copyright holders. Reproduction of any images without consent from Bind | Fold or the associated photographers is a copyright infringement. Bind | Fold cares very deeply about this issue. Please get in touch if you would like to use any photos and gain permission. Photographers of note who I have worked with are Hilary Walker, Sean Fennessy, and Lillie Thompson.

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