Northern Regards

I am going to be setting up shop this weekend at the brand spanking new Northern Regards Artisan Market which is going to be super cool. The concept behind the market is sustainability which is something I think about a lot as a dye artist, and also just generally as a person.  It is pretty important to me that I make my practice as environmentally sustainable as possible, and to have a low impact on my environment. It can be quite a tall order, so I’m looking forward to seeing how other artists out there are making their products more sustainable as well!

The second thing I am loving about this market is the venue. It’s at one of my all time favourite venues the Northcote Social Club! Which as most people would know is an awesome band venue. I have seen many many awesome bands there, and have also enjoyed many (not toooooo many) beverages there too.

I’ll be bringing along my Indigo and my Eco and perhaps some other things too. I am also thinking of bringing a mini vat with me, so if you want to ogle a vat, then please come on down and have a chat with me. I’m always happy to talk about vats with people.

Here’s another little eco teaser for everyone. This beauty has been sold, but I’ll get another ready before Saturday!


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