A New Year

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The second half of 2015 sped past, a whirlwind of dyeing, sewing, and new ideas. On the home front there were some upheavals as well, changes and realisations and plans for the future. One thing I have always done with this blog is to limit it, to only talk about work, or things that closely […]

new work

Quilt Making Part 1

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I’ve always been fascinated with quilts. There is something about the repetitive nature of quilt design that just makes me happy, and for me, quilting was the starting point of everything I know about sewing.


A home made wardrobe

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One of the things I really want to do this year is make a lot of my own clothes. I love love love well made clothes, and frankly I find it difficult to ever find the perfect top, or pair of jeans when I go shopping. I actually hate shopping. I put it off until […]