Quilt Making Part 1

First quilt Bind | Fold
My very first ‘dream baby’ quilt

I’ve always been fascinated with quilts. There is something about the repetitive nature of quilt design that just makes me happy, and for me, quilting was the starting point of everything I know about sewing.

I first tried sewing when I began high school. My school prescribed to some weird gender based division of classes for year 7 and the girls did home economics and sewing, and the boys did woodwork and metalwork. Then after 2 terms we switched. It was pretty terrible as I recall, and I truly HATED being made to do cooking and sewing. I was a total tomboy and i was incredibly aggravated that I had to go and do “girly” things.

Fast forward to now and i love both of those things,  how times have changed!

First Quilt Back Bind | Fold
Back of the dream baby quilt

In 2008 I decided the time was ripe for me to make my first quilt. Before i lashed out and bought myself a sewing machine, I borrowed an old janome from my friend Sarah and set about sewing together a cot quilt for the child I hoped to one day have.

Third attempt
Third attempt

By the time I reached the quilting stage I realised I already wanted to do another, so I handed Sarah back her sewing machine and bought myself the cheapest one I could lower the feed dogs on and embarked on my freehand quilting journey. It lasted all the way through a total of 4 quilts, and by the last one I was massively pregnant. So that was the end of that!

I kept up with my sewing though, trying out many things, and I am ever thankful to quilting. It taught me to sew a straight line, that is for sure.

Fourth Quilt - Broken Dishes Bind | Fold
Fourth Quilt – Broken Dishes

Over the last few months I have returned to quilt making. It’s a good feeling to make something so substantial and invest a lot of myself into, and I’m looking forward to making many more. I’ve got lots of designs stuck in my head that I need to create. They’ll all take time, but as the saying goes “anything worth doing, is worth doing properly.”



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