Yarn Love

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Ok I admit it. I have a bit of a thing for hand dyed yarn. It’s a hobby I picked up about a year ago and have explored quite extensively with acid dyes. I started dyeing yarn because I wanted great coloured yarn for all the knits I make for my son. He wears a […]

Eco Printing

Eco Printing (& Dyeing)

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I got off to a slow start with eco printing. I’ve had all these amazing visions of spectacular eco prints, and to begin with it was a BIG FLOP. ¬†Well not a flop, but I didn’t get the results I expected. Which supposedly is one of the “joys” of eco printing. I’m more inclined to […]

Natural Dyeing

Eco Dyeing

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Where do I even begin? The excitement and rush of curiosity I get when I consider natural dyes is beyond me to describe! This week has seen the arrival of 2 out of 3 natural dye books that I have ordered, and today when India Flint’s book Eco Colour arrived, my desire to immerse myself […]


A weekend of Discovery

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This weekend I decided to set up a new chem vat and test my skills at bringing a hydros vat back to life after it had been left to oxygenate and turn cold. It was actually quite successful! I tested on 3 different fabrics and got quite similar colours across all 3 which was interesting, […]