Sophie’s Jumper

Sophie's Jumper ©Copyright Vic Pemberton 2014I met Sophie just over a year ago. In the past year she has become my closest friend and i knew I had to make her something super special for her birthday!

Sophie’s jumper was months in planning. I was very sneaky. I ordered some yarn and a swatch book, and then carelessly (carefully) left the swatch book where she would see it, so I would know what colours she liked.  Then a few weeks later, I told her a teensy weensy half lie about doing a garment grading course and could I please measure her? Of course she said yes. I’m very crafty. (Geddit?)

Sophie's Jumper ©Copyright Vic Pemberton 2014

Measurements in hand I used my rudimentary knowledge of garment creation and dreamed up this sweater.

Knit in BK Tweed Loft ( the colour is Stormcloud) on a standard gauge Singer knitting machine and then the pieces were mattress stitched together. Then I picked up the stitches for the hem, cuffs and neckline and hand knit them.

Sophie's Jumper ©Copyright Vic Pemberton 2014

A note for any machine knitters out there thinking of using BK Tweed in your machines. Proceed with caution! It snaps, A LOT. If you’re prepared to knit very slowly and check each row, go for it.  It does look fabulous once done though.

Sophie's Jumper ©Copyright Vic Pemberton 2014Oh and the fit? PERFECT. :)

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