Northern Exposure Visual Arts Festival

I’ve got something fun coming up this Friday! I’m going to be participating in the Northern Exposure Visual Arts Festival!

I’ll have some Shibori on the street for the 2 weeks of the festival, some Indigo works on canvas as part of the “Small Works Small Spaces” exhibit. My work is entitled “Phases”, and is still a work in progress, I’ve got a bit to finish off before the end of the week.


I’ve been contemplating the notion of shibori street art for a little while now, so being able to take part in this festival is pretty cool. The idea came to me when i was thinking about yarn bombing, and how that has become such an accepted practice in Melbourne, and particularly in Moreland which is where I live.  I love the idea of turning textiles into street art, something that can be either left for all to enjoy or be squirrelled away for use in a project. (Before you think of squirrelling these ones, they’re on heavy painters canvas, so they aren’t going to sew nicely into a quilt for example!)

Now I just have to test pasting this heavy canvas onto a wall! Otherwise I will have to find a different way to install them, and probably a different location on the street too.

Northern Exposure runs for 2 weeks, opening this Friday 12th July 2013 @6pm on High Street in Northcote. You can find more info on the High St Northcote facebook page.

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